10 is a special number. The maximal grade. The perfect note. In football, a few 10’s are so special and distinguished that they deserve a Monument.


A Monumental 10 is a result, the best outcome and the ultimate recognition of a great job.


In 2010, top 20 football clubs had a combined revenue of €3.9 billion and the growth expectations were high. Social media frenzy and a true world wide democratization of football would leverage the interest on the game and money would definitely be injected by new market players. Eight years later, the overal revenue of top 20 football clubs had increased to €7.9 billion (Deloitte FML’17).

Loving the game and such a growing industry, I found the best way to add value by helping athletes on building their personal brands. Later, as my knowledge of the industry and the game grew, so did my connections with club directors, managers and agents. Following that interest, I’ve gathered intel to build M10 – Monumental 10: independent teams composed by ex-footballers, scouts, data and video analysts, graphic designers, etc gathered on a project basis to respond to the needs of Athletes, Clubs, Managers, Agencies and Press.


Advising athletes in the english Premier League, french Ligue 1, the italian Serie A, the german Bundesliga and on top flight clubs of Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Russia on:

  • Communication
  • Media training
  • Sponsorships and endorsement

Clubs, Managers and Agencies

Independent 360º scouting to serve big-5 and Champions League clubs directors, managers and agencies.

  • Team Scouting – Detailed analysis of every match of the partnering club. A continuous follow-up enables the deliver of periodic reports on the overal situation and quality of the roster to the Club’s Board, finding potencial gaps at an early stage and preparing in advance potencial targets for the upcoming transfer windows.
  • Opponent Match Reports (OMR) on the club’s opponent: to maximize team performance and help managers and technical staff to better prepare their squad for every match. The OMRs offer detailed info on the opponent’s team style of play, strenghts and weaknesses, free-kicks and set pieces, but also individual reports on the opponent’s players characteristics.
  • Player Scouting – scouting of football players from young age, focusing on following high potential individuals and peripherical markets – out of the Big 5 Leagues. Player Scouting Reports include video and strong data analysis, complemented by an in-depth research of each individuals personality and behaviors off the pitch.

Press and Media

Players are often accused of having the same old speech: “work hard during the week, win next game, thank the supporters”. M10 understands the value of good content and aim to deliver exactly what the audience wants: authenticity and exclusivity.

  • Exclusive access and contents to the most well-known media companies in the world. The credibility and in-depth knowledge of the industry have been crucial to keep long lasting relationships with some of the biggest media companies and journalists in the football industry worldwide.
  • For media contacts/list of athletes represented: ivo@ivoloureiro.com

The first goal is to be awarded with 10 grades on every single project. Not enough, the aim is to consistently be awarded with Monumental 10 grades.

M10’s second goal of is to keep a low profile. M10 is not advertised nor promoted commercially. The best recognition one can have is to be recommended by a partner to the other, starting new relationships from there.

At last, if you are still wondering about what a Monumental 10 is, this may help:


This one will forever be a Monumental 10. And not only because of the number on his back.